Our official school uniform supplier is Michael Sehgal & Sons in Newcastle.

Following the launch of our new school logo, we are pleased to announce that the Michael Sehgal uniform shop will be stocking all sizes of the newly badged items from April 2022. However, pupils can continue to wear Bishop’s Primary branded items until September 2023.

Please click here to access our uniform order form.

See the full uniform selection on the Michael Sehgal & Sons website.

Information regarding uniform orders for 2022-23 from our suppliers

Order Deadline
The order deadline date remains 31st July 2022 however, we would encourage parents to order as soon as possible as we continue to experience supply chain challenges, which mean that if sizes do run out, they are likely to take a great deal longer to replenish in season.

In-store Appointments
This year we are also taking fitting appointments in store, so parents can visit the store for a fitting by booking an appointment online and then take their uniforms away with them. (The flyer explains how to book).

Delivery Information and Special Offers
We will also continue to offer a free monthly delivery to school in term time and we are offering free delivery on orders above £50 in May by way of extension to last years’ scheme.

This offer will be automatically applied on our website so there will be no need for you to enter any discount code.

Michael Sehgal & Sons contact details

Michael Sehgal & Sons
28-40 Scotswood Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm (Please note, opening hours may vary due to Covid-19 restrictions)

0191 230 2320